Mission Of NEDAASV

Network the Alumni to nurture, enlighten and advance the causes of Humanity

About Us

NEDAASV is the NED Alumni Network in Silicon Valley of NED University of Engineering and Technology. The NED Alumni still carry the mission embossed on NED's original logo, which is also the logo of this Alumni Association, true to its roots.

  • The Plumb-Bob symbolizes to stand tall and Erect, Level and the Scale symbolizes to look straight, not to look down upon anyone nor cringe before a higher power and Hammers are the mere reminder to act, cause the skill without exertion is of no avail.

Staying true to its values has benefited its Alumni well globally and in Silicon Valley. There is not a field where NEDians has not excelled in, a new NEDian star rises every day in Silicon Valley, for a profit or not for profit venture. For a venture or social good NEDAASV remains a well-knit community.
They draw strength and energy from each other and collaborate in an exemplary symbiotic relationship. The strength of this community can be defined in the strength of its network, second to none.

NED Alumni Conventions

NED Alumni convention is a platform for the connectivity between different alumni residing in Silicon Valley.

Movement Of Reading Science
Science Book Club: Inititated and Inspired By an NEDian


Some of the silicon valley picturesque monuments.

Current Office Bearers

NEDians are meeting regularly every fourth Thursday of each month. Current NED Alumni Association board members are:

Contribution Towards Community

Online/Web-based talk on Technology

2010 Flood Relief Fundraiser ‘US and Now’

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  • For Profit Ventures
  • Non Profit Ventures

It comprises of all the achievements of NEDAASV so far.



Founded by fmovies site.




Founded by gowatchseries.




Founded by Awais Naimat.

Cavium Network

Cavium Network

Founded by Raghib Hussain.



Founded by Safwan Shah.


Diablo Ballet Company

Diablo Ballet Company

Founded by Ashraf Habibullah.


Computers and structures Inc. CSi

Computers and structures Inc. CSi

Founded by Ashraf Habibullah.


Silicon Valley Builders

Silicon Valley Builders

Founded by Mukhtar Zaidi.


Vasona Systems

Vasona Systems

Founded by Idris Kothari and Saeed Kazmi.




Founded and funded by NEDian Zulki Khan to provide microloans, like Mohammad Younus in Bangladesh, to spur the cottage industry of Pakistan, enables a mother to put bread on the table for the family.




Koshish Foundation, founded by a NEDian Muhammad Suhail is decades old. It has been serving the underprivileged students at NED who get admission at NED but cannot afford the fees.




Founded by NEDian Amer Haider to give the children with club foot a chance on life.




Founded by NEDian Mukhtar Zaidi a campaign to gather Cough data from Medical University hospitals and employ faculty and students from Engineering Universities to employ AI to solve the COVID problem by early Detection.




A seminar series founded by Nedian Mukhtar Zaidi to inspire our students, direct them to what technologies to work at, and connect them to Silicon Valley.



Founded by NEDian Mukhtar Zaidi a movement of reading science with a global membership, and the goal, Human Development.


Prestigious Alumni Network in Silicon Valley.

Ashraf Habibullah


Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSi), 1975

Diablo Ballet Company, 1993

Engineer’s Alliance for the Arts, 1998

Speaker on a variety of forums around the globe and a philanthropist whose giving does not stop, second to none in the Silicon Valley.

Idris Kothari

Founder and Entrepreneur

Co-Founded Vasona Systems International

Founded Vertical Systems Inc. and VPNet Technologies.

Founded VIA Technology and Semi-Custom Logic, Inc.

Founding member of Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs (OPEN) Silicon Valley Chapter, served on the first Global Board of The Indus Entrepreneur (TIE) By finding so many enterprises Idris Kothari is truly is a serial Entreprenuer.

Zulki Khan


CEO at Nexlogic Technologies.

Electrical Engineering from N.E.D University, Karachi.

Panelist in dozens of conferences as a subject matter expert in circuit designs and PCB manufacturing.

Supporting micro financing with his own funds for the helpless and needy makes him the most warm hearted NEDian on books. His kindness to help a cause sees no bounds.

Saeed Kazmi


Electrical Engineering 1973,

Co Founded Vasona Systems International and Semi-Custom Logic, Inc.

Founded Vertical Systems Inc. (VSi), Founded VPNet Technologies, Founded VIA Technology.

In 2008 he was named to Oregon state university distinguished engineers.

Raghib Hussain


Computer Systems Engineering, NED University 1987.

Chief Strategy Officer and EVP at Marvell Semiconductor.

CTO and Founder Cavium Inc.

He is an icon in Silicon Valley, everyone wants to be like him. Early enough in his career he decided he did not want to be a serial Entrepreneur. He always wanted to do it once, do it right and he did.

Amer Haider


Founded Doctella.

Founded Phela Qadam.

Entrepreneur and early-stage investor.

A philanthropist you will find in fore front of every cause that serves humanity.

Rehan Jalil


Electrical Engineering, NED University

President and CEO SECURITI.ai

Venture Adivsor at Mayfield Fund.

With a razor sharp focus his success has never been an accident. He is a serial Entrepreneur but his most distinguished attribute yet is his love for his children.

Nisar Ali

Senior Manager and President

Electrical Engineering 1988

Sr Manager Software Juniper Network

President NEDAASV

He is the one who works in trenches when the lime light is gone, for the causes of NED.

Mukhtar Zaidi


Mechanical Engineering 1980

President Pascal Engineering 1998

Co-founded Pascal Group

Founded Pascal Tech, Silicon Valley Builders 2007

Non profit ventures such as Eye in Silicon Valley, Movement of Reading Science, Detectovid.org

Appointed judge at US Military Academy West Point.

Belief system: Intellectual enrichment and enlightenment ought to be the way of life.

Imran Qureshi

Technology Enthusiast and President

President NEDAASV 2011 -2013.

Batch of Electrical Engineering 1980-81.

Cisco Certified Internet Expert #1030.

Worked for Cisco Systems for 25 years. He is one of the soft hearted NEDians you will find in frontlines when needed. He helped donate huge amount of equipment from Cisco to NED.

Safwan Shah

Chief Executive Officer

Electrical Engineering, NED University.
CEO and Founder of PayActiv Inc.
Board of Directors, Techlogix.
He is an outspoken free thinker, not restrained by the popular truth. His heart rhymes with the causes of NED. When you think NED, his name is the first one that pops up in mind, a pinnicle position hard to hold for as long as he has.

Asif Habib

Leader and Entrepreneur

Computer Engineering, NED University

Sr. Technology and Software Architect at PayPal.

Co-Founder and CEO Gloopt Inc.

He is a scientist at heart who has incubated ideas after ideas yet no stopping in sight.

Saeed Yousuf


President Dryco

Civil Engineering 1985.

Entertain intellectual enrichment associations.

Dr. Misbah Azam

PhD, Anchorperson and Founder

Electrical Engineering

Vishay Siliconix

TV Anchor View Point

A freelance and relentless seeker of truth

Azmat Ameen Siddiqui

Chief Executive Officer

Mechanical Engineering 1980 Corporate Director Applied Material Ex Senior VP First Solar. He is the most soft spoken NEDian in Silicon Valley. His consideration for others is endless and his hugs does not stop.

Baqar Hasan

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering 1980

Director of Quality

C&H Enterprise

Agha Bakhtiar

Electrical Engineer and Entrepreneur

Electrical Engineering 1986

He is an engineer and entrepreneur at heart and have spent most of his life building, defining and selling embedded systems, chips & devices

Back End Dev • Hardware Engineer

Riaz Haq


Electrical Engineering 1974

Ex Technology Executive and blogger

Recognized as Person of the Year by PC Magazine for design of 80386, Intel's first 32-bit microprocessor.

Founded PESA, the first Silicon Valley organization of Pakistani-American Engineers and Scientists.

Muhammad Suhail


Electrical and Computer Engineering 1993

Experience in firms like Oracle and Cisco systems.

Founded Koshish Foundation.

Body of his work spans over decades. His single cause unwavering focus to serve the underprivileged students at NED gives commitment a new meaning.

Syed Sohail Abbas

Chief Executive Officer

Electrical Engineering

CEO Sahib Semiconductors

Ali Cemendtaur

Initiator and Entrepreneur

Mechanical Engineering NED University 1981-82

Word Traveler, Advocate & Voice of the Voiceless Planet Earth.

He writes fiction and travelogues in Urdu and English.

Cemendtaur is a freelance in every sense of the word.

Idrees Shah (Shahji)

Technology Enthusiast

Electrical Batch 1992 (EE).

SAP System and Business Operation at Genentech Inc.

Networking for Social Good.

Naveed Sherwani

Entrepreneur and Founder

Founded SiFive, entrepreneur who started 14 companies.

Dr. Sherwani worked at Intel for a decade and also served as a professor in western Michigan university earlier in his career.

He authored a book on electrical engineering, his most distinguished contribution and selfless giving, which will last long after he is gone.

Ahsan Hameed

Entrepreneur and Founder

Mechanical Engineering 1981

Masters Industrial and Systems Engineering 1986

He has been a serious Entrepreneur in his life who has provided job opportunities and livelihood to many NEDians. When you think of him there is one word comes to mind, “Friend”.

Muhammad Arsalan Ullah Khan

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering 2014

Air Sheet Metal

Arsalan is always the first one to volunteer in any NED related work.

Batool Arhamna Haider

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineering 2012

MS petroleum Stanford 2015

Applied Scientist - Amazon AI

Data Scientist - United Healthcare

She is an author speaker Philanthrapist and an Entrepreneur a hard act to follow.

Ali Haider

Entrepreneur and Industrial Engineer

Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering 2014

Master’s Industrial Engineering ISU 2017

Master’s Operations Research, NCSU 2020

He is a professional student and an Entrepreneur


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