Main shade Meanings & Symbolism information a€“ 6 shades

Main shade Meanings & Symbolism information a€“ 6 shades

As had been pointed out in Color therapies, tone significance & symbolization, and Color mindset we’ve developed various tone symbolization & significance Charts. 1st shade symbolization data brings together 6 quite common colour, whatever represent, and common meanings. We’ve furthermore created individual color meanings maps according to those six hues. Please connect to these pages or the charts, only follow the instructions below.

We also have ways & ways therapies badges in many different sizes and colours. It is possible to add these to your internet website or blog site also.

This basic information contains the 6 primary hues (red, orange, yellowish, green, blue, violet) and their prominent meanings/symbolism. You will see the entire tone data here, or by simply clicking the picture over.

Backlink to these charts: Simply click around the writing region under to auto-select the signal. Subsequently replicate and paste the rule wherever you desire to link to along with meanings & symbolization information!


These shade charts tend to be incredible. I just posted the web link on the budget web page of my personal sessions web site. What I the majority of value is the fact that the maps promote each individual’s meaning for a certain utilization of tone, aiding in (perhaps not manipulating) the entire process of ingsight. Thank you so much!

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